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21/9/2013: Conference for the SET CARE project


ANS and KMOP presented MINGLE project within a conference for the SET CARE program (www.setcare.eu) which took place in the University of Athens, Greece.

The two projects (set-Care and Mingle) can be considered as complementary actions to promote social innovation towards a similar target group. In fact Set-care has developed an e-learning course to enhance the professional skills of care workers working in Greece (with a particular focus on workers dealing with patients with Alzheimer); while Mingle is developing an e-learning language course vocationally oriented related to two job sectors: tourism and care work. Moreover these two projects have further common aspects:

  • two partners of the SET-CARE project, ANS and KMOP, are involved in the MINGLE project too;
  • both projects tool are address to care workers and in particular to migrants having Bulgarian as mother tongue who work (or will to work) in Greece;
  • both projects are enhancing the employability opportunity of migrants and their social inclusion in the host country.

During the conference Mingle project leaflets have been distributed to all participants.


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