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EXUS S.A. (Coordinator)


EXUS is a software company that designs, creates and markets software solutions and services in several business and application areas primarily addressed to the banking, financial services and telecoms industries, but also in areas such as e-business, e-health, e-learning, business process management, collection, wireless applications. The company has internally developed and maintained a wide product portfolio: eCentric, iCare, eLearn, iPerform, eispraxis, and demonstrates a large number of customers and applications (winbank, WIND, VODAFONE, OTENET, Greek ministries and wider public sector, etc).

EXUS is located in Athens, Greece. Founded in 1994, the company has experienced steady growth in terms of workforce and revenue. Currently, Exodus employs 120 highly skilled professionals in areas such as software engineering & web development, project and product management, account management and presales engineering. EXUS has been awarded major awards for technological innovation and commitment to excellence. In 2010 EXUS was awarded the ICAP award regarding strongest companies in Greece. In 2009 EXUS was acknowledged, for a third time, as one of the "20 companies with the best working environment". In 2007 EXUS was granted the award "Recognized for Excellence - 5 stars", by the European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM.

Role in the project

Within the project EXUS will be the administrative and technical coordinator and quality manager. Having extensive experience in coordinating European research projects, EXUS will lead the consortium to the realisation of the proposed work - applying at the same time quality assurance mechanisms - and will be responsible for all project management activities.

Moreover, EXUS will be responsible for all technical aspects of the project and will lead the design, development and integration of the proposed application and educational content. Furthermore, EXUS will be responsible for the graphic design and development of dissemination material (website, leaflet, newsletter, etc.) based on content provided by partners.


Last update: 10 December 2014

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