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Founded in 1977, KMOP is an Athens-based NGO that focuses on issues pertaining to social welfare and health, employability and employment generation, scientific research and the development of know-how in social policy issues. Since its establishment KMOP has undertaken numerous projects, many in collaboration with large well-established organizations, both in Greece and internationally, targeting a wide variety of societal groups, such as elderly, mentally ill, unemployed, migrants, refugees, etc.

The expertise that KMOP has gathered over the past three decades falls into seven main areas, namely: social inclusion, youth and education, civil society and citizenship, employability, gender equality, mental health, entrepreneurship.

Since its foundation, KMOP promotes the development of civil society by supporting initiatives for the protection of the individual, political, social and human rights and implementing European projects for the enhancement of the citizens' active participation and the empowerment of social dialogue. Moreover, KMOP has extensive experience in vocational training and counseling programs individually targeting vulnerable persons, while it focuses on the implementation of specific lifelong learning programmes and actions aiming at the diffusion of know-how and the development of innovations in education and training of socially vulnerable groups. KMOP provides comprehensive support to immigrants, long-term unemployment and those with low professional qualifications, people with disabilities, women in difficult situations and youngsters at risk of dropping out of school. KMOP has also conducted research in the area of migration and examined how it is related to the issue of the needs for carers for the elderly in Greek society. Most of KMOP's activities are carried out in disadvantaged areas with beneficiaries - all age groups - from population groups at risk of social and labour exclusion, as well as those with special needs. One of KMOP's areas of special expertise concern vocational and educational training as well as mental health.

Since 2004 KMOP has operated a Day Care Centre in central Athens for persons with mild to moderate mental health issues; individuals are constructively engaged and taught basic skills so as to enable them to function on their own in society and progress to being opportunity-ready. Furthermore KMOP has established 3 advanced Group Houses for the accommodation and rehabilitation of persons with poor mental health. KMOP Group Houses provide modern, progressive facilities, specialized staff and multi-faceted activities for patient rehabilitation.

Role in the project

KMOP will bring to the proposed action its accumulated expertise in providing support and counselling to disadvantaged groups, such as immigrants, women, etc., and educational - training activities, enriching and expanding its knowledge skills in innovative tools and techniques. KMOPs' staff will be involved in most phases of the project, including the identification of the educational needs of migrants, the development of learning methodology and the formative tool, the pilots phases as well as disseminations activities. The Greek pilot learning centre will be set-up by KMOP.


Last update: 10 December 2014

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