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University of Peloponnese, Greece (UoP)


The University of Peloponnese is a newly founded (2000) institution based in the town of Tripoli, that focuses both on ICT Sciences, as well as on Socio-Political and Cultural studies. Since its establishment, UOP has developed academically and now consists of 6 Faculties of: Science and Technology, Humanities and Culture Studies, Socio-Political Sciences, Management and Economics, Fine Arts, Human Movement and Quality of Life Sciences. Today, UOP's Departments operate as nodes of a spatially expanded network that covers the overall region of Peloponnese.

During the 12 years of its operation, the UOP has been very active in undertaking numerous projects, many in collaboration with other academic, regional or non-governmental organisations in Greece and internationally, targeting a wide variety of issues. In brief, UOP promotes Research and Development particularly in the field of ICT, education and social policy, by supporting related initiatives and projects of National and European implementation.

On this ground, UOP has acquired a vast expertise in Operational Programs for Education and Lifelong Learning (mainly funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Education, the Hellenic Secretariat for Research and Technology, and the EU). Such programs have focused on: Employment and Career Service provision to graduates; Tracking Students and Graduates' progression paths; Provision of Digital Services for Higher Education; Teachers' Training for the use and application of ICT in Teaching; Enhancing Innovation and Entrepreneurship through University studies; Project-Based School Management.

A major line of the University's R&D has focused on projects (mainly funded by the OP for Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship, and the EU) concerning: Formal, Informal and Distance Learning (Conventional and e-Learning forms); Social Discriminations, Migration and Citizenship; the Integration of the African Migrants in the Greek receiving Community, etc. The members of the PoliTech research unit of the UOP (2009) in particular, currently participate in/and coordinate Research Initiatives concerning issues of: governance and institutional analysis, links between migration and development (EUNOMAD), etc.

Moreover, the UOP provides training sessions to private and public stakeholders - i.e. pedagogical training jointly organized by the Dept. of Social and Educational Policy, the Hellenic American Educational Foundation and Cambridge University; training of volunteers on social policy in local administration.

Role in the project

UOP's research team will be responsible for the content and the educational approach and methodology of the learning application; the latter will address computer and language learning, as well as civic/legislation information for guidance of new comers in the host countries - the receiving labour markets and societies. Moreover, they will develop the methodology for evaluating the system during the pilot use phase.


Last update: 10 December 2014

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