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Anziani e non solo soc. Coop. (ANS)


Anziani e Non Solo is a cooperative society created in 2004 with the aim to work in the domain of social innovation. ANS areas of intervention are EU and national projects, formal and informal training, e-learning, social researches, welfare policies towards vulnerable targets such as migrants, women, elderly and disabled, people at risk of poverty.

ANS has a specific expertise in supporting social and professional inclusion of migrants and specifically of women working in the care sector, providing training and orientation. ANS has developed an e-learning course for care workers used so far by over 1.000 people nation-wide, as well as an ICT-based method for the validation of skills informally acquired by care workers which was acknowledged as a best practice by the Italian Agency for the LLP-LDV Programme. ANS has also expertise in the field of social research concerning the social and professional needs of migrant women in Italy and in training trainers and professionals operating in the field of migrant inclusion.

ANS is member of relevant networks that will play an important role in dissemination and exploitation of the project: the Italian National Antidiscrimination Network (gathering all the organisations working in the field of Equal Opportunities) and the Italian National Register of Organisation Working with Migrants. ANS is also a member of the ENTER network. A dissemination network involving more than 300 VET providers Europe wide.

ANS has a staff of 10, including EU project managers, experts of labour policies and business creation, psychologists, experts of migration issues and of social policies related with the ageing society.

Role in the project

The role of ANS in the project will be that of identifying a user group of 30 migrant workers from Romania in Italy; setting-up the information and language learning centre in Italy so that the users can have access to the DLA and all other courseware; providing input, and advice concerning the use and content of the learning material; disseminating the DLA and its accompanying material to other related migrant groups.


Last update: 10 December 2014

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