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Aims and Objectives

The project's main goal is to enhance the quality of life and facilitate the integration to local society of migrant workers, by improving their access to language training courses and other guidance and counselling material, which can help such marginalised social groups to become active members of the receiving society.

This will be achieved by developing a web-based, easy-to-access, easy-to-use Distance Learning Application (DLA), and the respective educational content, for teaching the language of the receiving country to the migrants. Educational content for the receiving language will include basic communication skills (greeting, shopping, getting around, etc.), complemented with sector specific vocabulary for the work fields most commonly receiving migrant workers in each country. Within the frames of the project these sectors will be agriculture, tourism and home care (e.g. housekeeping, caring for older or sick people). Special provisions in application and content design will ensure a low learning curve for using the application, even for people with limited or non-existent ICT skills.

The DLA, through the establishment of user groups and the provision of communication means, will also allow migrants to socialise and communicate with each other, thus facilitating the formulation of a learning group comprised of people from the same country. This will allow migrants that have been in the receiving country for a longer time to tutor new-comers with their language skills.

Language teaching material will be complemented by a Survival Guide in the migrants' native language for starting a new life at the receiving country, including guidelines for registering with the local authorities, finding a place to live, receiving social security, etc. Guidelines and formal procedures will be accompanied by useful links to local websites, where forms and other material can be downloaded.


Last update: 10 December 2014

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