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Strengthening literacy and essential skills in one area of the migrants' life is expected to have an effect in all areas, as workplaces and communities are interconnected. Improving awareness and participation through the provision of useful guidance and information will facilitate immigrant integration in the receiving countries. To this end, specific measures need to be taken and practices be applied in the migrant-receiving countries, which will facilitate the integration of migrants by teaching them the basics to communicate in the hosting country's language, and providing them with useful guidance and information for setting-up a new life.

MINGLE aims to address exactly those issues, of poor language skills and difficulty in social integration, by developing the tools and educational content, and by setting up the locations (learning centres) where migrants will be able to acquire language skills and access the necessary information about the receiving country's legislation, operating norms and institutional structures, at their own time, free of charge. Language and civic integration is necessary, in order to avoid marginalisation and social segregation.

For pilot purposes, migrants from Romania and Bulgaria in the hosting countries of Italy, Greece and Cyprus respectively, will participate in the project.


Last update: 10 December 2014

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